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Whether building or renovating, the type of glass one chooses in windows and doors will impact on how a building functions. Factors such as energy consumption (i.e. lighting, cooling and heating costs), comfort (i.e. light transmission, glare, heat and sound control), safety, security and fading can all be influenced by glass.

The mission of the South African Glass & Glazing Association is to develop and expand the Architectural market by coordinated promotion of glass as the Architectural glazing material of choice and to set and maintain appropriate standards of commercial conduct, quality and workmanship in the interest of both the industry and its customers.

Furthermore, to continue the education of members and specifiers in the development, manufacture and use of glass and glazing building components and products through publications, lectures and seminars.

Products should be fit for the purpose for which they are bought and shall comply with the National Building Regulations and Building Standards Act 103 of 1977 and SANS 10137 Code of Practice for the Installation of Glazing in Buildings.

All products shall perform according to the associated test certificates and conform to the minimum standards as set out in the Association's Selection Guides as published from time to time. The product as installed must meet all the design load criteria and specific site conditions.

To ensure that minimum standards are met all glass products must be submitted for type testing to SANS 1263 Part I, II or III. All glass manufacturers must obtain individual certificates for each product that they manufacture. Test certificates are not transferable to a third party.

It is a condition of Membership of this Association that this Code of Ethical Practice is accepted in its entirety.

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